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You’ve probably heard it already: now is the best time to sell your house. But why is that? Is it actually worth the packing, moving and hustle of finding somewhere else to live?

The housing market is expected to continue booming through 2022 at least, possibly even longer. There may have never been a better time to sell your house than right now!

As a property owner, it’s important to know all the facts to make an informed decision when considering selling your house.

How to Sell Your House

Thinking about selling your home? There are several ways you can do this: selling through a realtor, listing your home as “for sale by owner,” or selling your home for cash. There are pros and cons to all options.

If you choose to hire an agent to list your home, you must go through these steps:

  • Research and hire a reputable agent
  • Set a selling price
  • Organize house viewings
  • Review offers
  • Undergo expectations, such as painting or small repairs
  • Fill out all necessary paperwork
  • Close an offer

Hiring an agent to sell your home can be a time-consuming process, plus you must pay the realtor a commission from the house sale. That’s why many homeowners choose to sell their homes in other ways.

If you choose to sell a house by owner, you’ll need to:

  • Do market research
  • Set your selling price
  • Promote your home
  • Review offers
  • Confirm the buyer can actually afford your home

Choosing to sell a house by owner can be a lot of work and stress, especially for people who have never gone through the home selling process before.

If you choose to sell your home for cash to a real estate company, you cut out the middleman of hiring a realtor to sell your home, and don’t have to deal with much of the headaches that are involved with listing a home by owner. The process is simple:

  • Set up an appointment
  • 30-minute walk-through of the property
  • Receive a cash offer

A lot of the time, you will receive a cash offer the next day. Most real estate companies handle all the repairs, fixes and paperwork involved in the transaction.

By using a licensed realtor, you will have an expert to take care of all the legal paperwork for you. On the other hand, the biggest benefit of selling a house by owner is saving time and commission costs. If you are looking to sell your house fast, consider selling your home for cash to a company like 4th Dimension Development.

Future Housing Market

It’s no secret that the housing market has seen a spike since the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the housing inventory is up 30% and interest rates are riding 3% — much lower than usual. Homes are selling at much higher asking prices than usual, too.

Amazingly, the prices of homes are forecasted to only increase in 2022. Some real estate groups project prices to grow as much as 5.3%. September 2021 actually saw housing prices up 20.6% higher than those in 2019.

It couldn’t be more clear: now is the best time to sell a house. You’ll get top dollar for your home, and you likely won’t have to wait long for an offer.

Get Cash for Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home but don’t want to hop into the busy housing market right now, you can get cash for your home. Sell your home fast by selling to 4th Dimension Development, and you’ll cut out the middleman and extra time it takes to work with buyers. Contact us today.